Established in 1995, Wildlife SOS is a laudatory initiative started by a group of individuals to work in the direction of protecting and conserving wildlife, maintaining quality habitats, and safeguarding rich biodiversity. Focusing on creating sustainable livelihood measures, the movement makes elaborate efforts to protect the depleting environment. From the majestic elephants to terrific tigers, sloth bears to other endangered animals, this is a commendable manoeuvre to help save the jeopardising planet by educating people about the hazards of animal captivity, poaching effects and reptile hunting etc., and make a difference. The organisation works tirelessly to rescue wildlife in distress, work against animal cruelty and collaborates with different communities to educate them about conserving and preserving the rich wildlife. Wildlife SOS is most popularly known for their applaudable work of saving around 600 ‘dancing bears’ from the tribal people. Not until long ago and sometimes even now, the tribals trap bears and train them to dance for the people as a mode of street entertainment, in return for few bucks. While the process is all about animal abuse, the bears also go through a lot through the tough training in order to be tamed. Wildlife SOS is an initiative to save the poor creatures from the clutches of this brutality. The rescued bears are treated with great care at their rehabilitation centres and are put in an artificially modified natural habitat. In addition to this, Wildlife SOS also has several other active projects on leopards, reptiles and environmental conservation in general. Get the knowledge and training necessary to writemyessay4me go from aspiring author to successful published author